New Delhi, April 16 (H.S.). Forex reserves fell for the fifth consecutive week amid the Russia-Ukraine crisis. The country’s foreign exchange reserves declined by $ 2.471 billion to $ 604.004 billion in the week ended April 08, 2022. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) gave this information in the data released late on Friday.

According to the weekly data released by the RBI, the country’s foreign exchange reserves have decreased by $ 28.5 billion in the last five weeks. Earlier on April 01, this record had come down by $ 11.173 billion to $ 606.475 billion. According to the data, on March 25, 2022, it had declined by $ 2.03 billion to $ 617.648 billion. At the same time, on March 18, it was reduced by $ 2.597 billion to $ 619.678 billion, while on March 11 it decreased by $ 9.646 billion to $ 622.275 billion.

According to the Reserve Bank, this decline in foreign exchange reserves for the week ended April 8 has come due to reduction in foreign currency assets (FCAs), which constitute a significant part of the total reserves. According to the data, during this period, FCA declined by $10.7 billion to $539.727 billion.