Train Cancellation: This is important news for railway passengers. Today (April 7) Railways has canceled a large number of trains. Due to the cancellation of trains, repair work is going on at many places. For this, 117 trains have been canceled today. Thousands of trains run daily on the track. Therefore, maintenance of rails is required from time to time. So today many trains have to be canceled for the maintenance and repair of railways.

Railways is considered to be the lifeline of the common man in India. The train is very crowded during summer holidays or any festive season. To avoid this crowd, people make reservations a few months in advance so that they do not face any inconvenience. However, when the train is canceled at the last minute, passengers have to face a lot of trouble. Along with this, the Railways is facing the brunt of the financial crisis. Along with this, trains often have to be canceled due to flooding of railway tracks due to storm or bad weather, rain. Also, trains are often canceled to maintain law and order.

A total of 137 trains were canceled and the schedule of 10 trains was also changed.

Today railway has canceled many trains due to various reasons. A total of 137 trains have been canceled today. Of these, 117 have been canceled outright. Hence 20 trains have been partially cancelled. The canceled trains include Bokaro-Asansol (03591/03592), Balmau-Shahjahanpur (04305/04306), Gonda-Sitapur (05091/05092). Also, the schedule of 7 trains has been changed. Hatia-Anand Vihar Terminal, Pune Timings of 7 trains including Bhubaneshwar have been changed. At the same time, a total of 10 trains have been diverted. If you also want to see the list of cancelled, rescheduled or diverted vehicles, you must have a smartphone and an internet connection.


Check the list of canceled trains like this:

To see the list of cancelled, rescheduled or diverted trains, go to This site provides complete information regarding vehicles.