Seoul : The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) has said in a new legal guidance that tech giant Google would violate South Korean law if it goes ahead with its plan to remove apps linked to external payment methods.

Last year, the country passed a law that requires major app stores to accept alternative payment methods, and Google readily agreed to comply, reports Engadget.

This allowed developers to offer an alternative in-app billing system to stick with.

Google still takes the deductible for payments made through that alternative billing system, and it’s only 4 percent less than the commission the company collects for payments made through its system.

If the usual service fee for a purchase is 15 percent, Google charges 11 percent instead. The report said that for e-books, it charges 6 per cent commission instead of 10.

Korean developers were not happy, and as The Register and The Wall Street Journal report, they responded by linking to third-party payment systems to avoid paying Google’s fees.

The company had already barred them from updating their apps and warned them that their apps would be removed from the Play Store if they continued to offer external links by June 1.