WhatsApp feature: WhatsApp Currently testing a new feature. Which is going to be beneficial for the users. According to reports, this new feature prevents you from automatically saving chats. According to a new report, WhatsApp may soon release this update for all users of this service.

With the new change, WhatsApp now for Android to make chat disappear on WhatsApp “media visibility” will turn the option off automatically. This new feature allows people to view media in their smartphone’s gallery. The same change applies to iOS devices where the “Save to Camera Roll” option is automatically turned off for missing chats.

This will prevent users from viewing missing photos, videos and GIFs in their mobile gallery/camera roll. Unless they choose to do so manually in WhatsApp settings. If you do not change it, the setting will be turned off.

This change will be beneficial for new WhatsApp users who do not see media disappearing in other photos in their mobile gallery/camera roll. It can be an embarrassing situation to see potentially private pictures or videos being shown by your friends and family alongside other photos in your gallery.


While the update fixes the auto-save issue, it may not be able to save it completely, as users will still be able to save media in missing chats by going into and enabling the mode. On some versions of Android, some users already have the option to save media manually. On WhatsApp for iOS, users can save media just like they do. This means that the media in the missing chat will not be saved automatically, but can still be saved.