bank-holiday-1Bank Holidays in April 2022: In the coming week If you have a job related to bank then you may have to wait a long time. Because of different holidays in some cities Bank Will be closed for four days. Banks will remain closed this week on April 14, 15, 16 and 17. These holidays also include Sunday holidays. Let us tell you that bank holidays are different for every state, although there are some days when there are days when the entire country Bank holidays are closed.

Find out when and why banks will be closed (Bank Holiday List April 2022)

  1. 14 April – Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti / Mahavir Jayanti / Baisakhi / Tamil New Year / Chiroba, Biju Utsav / Bohar Bihu – (Banks closed at places other than Shillong and Shimla).
  2. 15 April – Good Friday / Bengali New Year / Himachal Day / Vishu / Bohag Bihu- (Banks closed except Jaipur, Jammu and Srinagar).
  3. April 16 – Bohag Bihu- (Banks closed in Guwahati)
  4. 17 April – Sunday (weekly holiday)

What is RBI’s guideline?

RBI official website (Bank Holiday List 2022) Banking holidays are also based on notification of festivals celebrated in different states or special occasions in those states, as per the list of holidays given here. Not all of these holidays apply to all states. In such a situation, before going out of the house to settle the matters of banks in the month of April, definitely check the list of bank holidays, otherwise time will be wasted.

Vacation lists should be checked and work planned

The second and fourth Saturdays and Sundays will be weekly holidays as per the list of Bank Holidays 2022 given on the official website of RBI. Let us tell you that customers can use ATM, Internet Banking, Net Banking and other services during this period. Different states have different holidays. Some holidays or festivals are related to a particular state or region. So bank holidays may vary from state to state. You should plan to go to the bank as soon as you see the list of holidays.