Dalal-Street-1share Market Closed strongly for the fourth consecutive week. The stock market fell for three days last week while it rose for two days. Last week, the 30-share Sensex of the BSE had gained 170 points, or 0.28 per cent, and the Nifty of the NSE National Stock Exchange had gained 114 points or 0.64 per cent. Four of the top 10 Sensex companies have a market capitalization (mcap) of Rs. 1,05,848.14 crore information technology companies Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) And Infosys was the top loser.

During the week under review, market valuations of Reliance Industries (RIL), TCS, Infosys and Bajaj Finance declined, while HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Hindustan Unilever, State Bank of India, HDFC and Bharti. 51,628.12 crore. During the week under review, TCS has the highest market capitalization of Rs. 40,640.76 crore to Rs. 13,49,037.36 crores. Market valuation of Infosys is Rs. 36,703.8 crore to Rs. 7,63,565.13 cr.11

Reliance suffered a loss of Rs 25,503 crore

Market position of Reliance Industries is Rs. 25,503.68 crore to Rs. 17,70,205.42 crores and Bajaj Finance has a market cap of Rs. 2,999.9 crore to Rs. 4,45,810.84 crores. Contrary to this trend, the market capitalization of Hindustan Unilever stood at Rs. 24,048.06 crore Rs. 5,12,857.03 crore and the market capitalization of ICICI Bank is Rs. 12,403.56 crore to Rs. 5,24,180.57 crores.

SBI’s market cap increased by Rs 7,050 crore

Market Valuation of State Bank of India Rs. 7,050.44 crore to Rs. 4,60,599.20 crores. HDFC Bank’s market position is Rs. 4,880.07 crore to Rs. 8,40,204.91 crores. Similarly, the market capitalization of Bharti Airtel is Rs. 1,949.67 crore Rs. 4,18,574.86 crore and HDFC has a market capitalization of Rs. 1,296.32 crore to Rs. 4,45,659.60 crores.

Sensex rises 170 points

Reliance Industries tops the list of top 10 companies. It is followed by TCS, HDFC Bank, Infosys, ICICI Bank, Hindustan Unilever, SBI, Bajaj Finance, HDFC and Bharti Airtel. Last week, the BSE 30-share Sensex was up 170.49 points, or 0.28 per cent, and the National Stock Exchange’s Nifty was up 113.90 points or 0.64 per cent.