Mumbai: Quarterly and annual results of companies are being released in the Indian stock market from today. The results season will begin with the results of IT giant TCS. These results are likely to be the direction of the market.

Raw material prices are skyrocketing due to the global war situation. As a result, the cost of production of almost all companies has increased significantly in the last three to four months. This is expected to adversely affect the profits of the company.

How much did IT companies benefit from the rupee against the dollar and how much did companies benefit from the global supply of basic raw materials like steel, aluminium, copper, nickel, crude oil? What is the loss suffered by auto, chemical, cement and paint companies using raw material procured at rising prices?


The market will keep a close watch on all this. Also, the impact of interest rates on profits in the future will become clear after the results of the companies. Therefore, the stock market is expected to be very volatile next month.



Will LIC’s IPO come in the stock market on this date? central government signs

According to sources, the Union Finance Ministry has set a target to launch LIC’s IPO on May 12. Attempts to launch an IPO in March were thwarted by the Ukraine war. Now that the state of war is confined to Russia and Ukraine, the markets have stabilized

So once again the preparations for the IPO have gained momentum. Sebi may approve new red herring prospectus today or tomorrow.

The government wants to raise around Rs 70,000-80,000 crore through LIC’s IPO. The government expects that the market conditions will be favorable in May, so it is preparing to open the IPO for investors on May 12.