New Delhi Cryptocurrencies have a lot of craze these days. Many platforms bring new digital currency every day. Continuing the trend, Meta plans to launch Zookbucks, a digital currency, virtual token, coin and other financial services. Its digital currency is named after its founder Mark Zuckerberg. The plan comes after the company’s cryptocurrency project failed.

According to media reports, Facebook’s financial arm – Meta Financial Technologies is launching a virtual currency for the Metaverse. The company is exploring new features on alternative revenue streams that can engage and engage consumers.

Zack Box will not be a cryptocurrency but will work as an in-app token, which will be controlled by the company. Such tokens can be used to play games. In addition, Meta plans to create “social tokens” or “achievement tokens” that can be used to reward people who make meaningful contributions to Facebook groups. The company also aims to bring “Creator Coins” to favorite creators on its photo-sharing platform Instagram.

Meta plans to launch a pilot for non-fungal tokens (NFTs) on Facebook next month. According to the report, “NFTs may be monetized in the future through fees and advertisements. For information, let us tell you that Metacrypto joined the Open Patent Alliance (COPA) earlier this year. This is Jack Dorsey’s blockchain. Inc. is a group. of companies committed to promoting cryptocurrency technology. Facebook and 20 partners formally joined the digital currency project during a meeting in Geneva in October 2019.