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Mumbai: Horns cause a lot of noise pollution. Mumbai Police Commissioner Sanjay Pandey has issued such an order. Fines will be imposed on those who use horn without any reason. Also, they will have to sit in the police station for 3 hours to learn the rules of traffic. After that he will also give the exam.

There are traffic jams everywhere on the roads of Mumbai and everyone is in a hurry to overtake. At this time, the horn of the car is blown continuously to the sound of removing the site. So many people have a habit of moving on to the next one. But now Mumbaikars have to break this habit. Now if you blow the horn without any reason, the police will take you to school. Drivers who continuously blow horn will now have to pay fine along with traffic rules.

Police action will also be taken

Continuous blowing of horn causes a lot of noise pollution. So if the horn is blown when not required, the police will teach him the rules of the road and he will also be fined. After the rules are sealed, they will also be tested. So now it is up to the vehicle owners whether to give preference to the horn or not.


Action will also be taken against ambulance

The police is going to teach a lesson to the one who blows the horn without any reason. Also you have to sit for three and a half hours and learn the lesson of traffic rules. Police is taking action against ambulances sounding sirens without any reason even though the roads are clear at night.