cotton price: growing across the country Dearness The general public is worried. Petrol and diesel prices are skyrocketing and everything, including groceries, is becoming more expensive. In such a situation, the price of cotton in the global market has now reached a record high. Breaking the record of the last ten years, India has also been affected. Cotton prices in India have also reached record highs. Commodity analysts predict that the uptrend in cotton will not stop but will continue. With the increase in the price of cotton, the yarn will become more expensive.

This year, the main reason for the increase in cotton prices globally is being attributed to low production. According to the report of the Cotton Advisory Committee, the global cotton production at present will be 26.4 million tonnes, while the consumption will be 26.2 million tonnes. At the same time, according to Kotluk, this time 255 million tonnes of cotton will be produced in the world. At the same time, the total consumption will be 25.7 million tonnes. Cotton prices in India have reached record highs. The cost of a 170 kg cotton bale in India is Rs 43,240. At the same time, global cotton prices have reached a ten-year high. According to a report by CNBC TV-18, the main reason for the increase in cotton prices is the fall in global cotton production

Cotton became more expensive all over the world

Production has declined in major cotton producing countries including India, the US and Egypt. In India too, there has been a decline in acreage this year. In Haryana and Punjab, up to 70 percent of the cotton crop has been damaged by pink bollards. At the same time, countries like China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Brazil are continuously buying cotton. China has bought more cotton this year than last year. Chinese market experts say that China’s stock has decreased. So it is stocking up to meet the domestic demand.


clothes will be expensive

Cotton prices are increasing in different states of India. In Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan, the price of cotton has gone up to Rs 12,500 per quintal. At the same time, the price of cotton has reached Rs 13,000 in Maharashtra, Gujarat and southern states. Yarn prices have increased by 43 per cent this year as compared to last year due to increase in cotton prices. If the price of cotton increases, the price of cotton clothes will also increase.