Google: Now you can repair your Google Pixel smartphone sitting at home. Google recently announced its “Self Repair Program”. To this end, Google has created online repair community iFixit. , which will make the genuine Google Pixel part and its repair guide available to Google Pixel users at home. Original parts of all smartphones from Google Pixel 2 launched last year to Google Pixel 6 Pro iFixit.com which is the website of the iFixit community. The service will be available in the US, UK, Canada and Australia by the end of this year.

According to Google, all Google Pixel spare parts, including battery, display, camera and other parts, will be provided separately or with the iFixite tool kit. This toolkit will include screwdrivers and other essentials.

According to iFixit, the kit will include the iOpener Tool Kit with section handles, 4mm precision bits, SIM ejector tool and other important materials. Google Pixel 5 smartphone repair guides will also be provided. And soon the guides for the remaining Pixel 5a, 6 and 6 Pro smartphones will be made available.

Google has already launched its Chromebook repair program with Acer And Lenovo has compromised with.