At this time the season of filling chili and garam masala is going on. For the middle class this year, filling perennial turmeric, coriander, cumin, chilli will bring a big financial burden. This year the prices have gone up by up to 30 per cent. Last year in this season, medium silkworm pistachio was getting 50 rupees per kg. In which this year we are getting a huge increase of 100 rupees. In such a situation, turmeric and coriander have gained Rs.

According to traders associated with the business of chillies, 3% of the country’s chilli production comes from Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. But the storm has caused heavy damage to the chilli crop. So some traders attribute the increase in the prices of chillies and hot spices to the increase in the prices of petrol, diesel and CNG.

Normally the cold gradually subsides after Shivratri but this year it did not happen. Due to which Ghana has turned the cumin crop into loco and there has been a huge reduction in production.

Rising prices of petrol, diesel and CNG are also one of the reasons behind the increase in the prices of chillies and hot spices. However, in agriculture, climate is considered the main reason for the decline in production and rising prices. Two years ago, when the entire Kerala was submerged due to heavy rains in Kerala, the price of C-grade cardamom went up to Rs 2,000 per kg. Currently, the price of C grade cardamom ranges from Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,100.


By how much have the prices of chilli and garam masala increased?

thing Last year’s price (per kg) Current year price (per kg)
silk pepper 20 20
kashmiri chilli 20 20
wife chili 120 20
Turmeric 120 120
Coriander 120 120
Garam Masala 200 20
chaat 20 200
vegetables 200 20
Chana Masala 200 20
cumin seeds 150 to 200 20
try 120 20