security alert , Google six such apps Removed from play store. These apps were spreading virus in the users’ phones. All apps also contained Sharkbot Bank Stealer malware that stole users’ bank and account information. According to reports, these malware apps have been downloaded more than 15,000 times so far. But now Google has removed all these apps from its Play Store. Now it is necessary for you to see the list of these apps and if you have any of these apps in your phone, then delete it immediately.

According to reports, all these apps were tracking users through their geofencing feature (location). After continuous tracking, these apps were stealing data by collecting data from all the logged in websites and apps of the users. Geofencing facility is used to record user login data on any site from login ID to password. These apps were more active in Italy and the UK.

Security research company Checkpoint has given information about these apps in its blog. All these apps contain Sharkbot malware. It was downloading the ‘Droppers’ app into the users’ phones and was stealing the users’ bank, account and other personal information through this app.

Following are the names of the apps removed by Google.


  1. Atom Clean-Booster Antivirus
  2. Antivirus Super Cleaner
  3. alpha antivirus cleaner
  4. Powerful Antivirus Cleaner (Powerful Antivirus Cleaner)
  5. center security antivirus
  6. center security antivirus

If you are using any of these apps, delete them immediately. Because fraud can happen in your online banking and your hard earned money can vanish in a jiffy.