4 day work model Most of the companies across the world are now proposing 4 days work model and now a report claims that most of the companies in India are also supporting it. The report said that most companies in India also feel that this system will help in reducing stress. Both employees and employers seem to be in favor of this model. Indian employers believe that adopting this model will help in reducing stress levels.

According to a report by HR Solutions Genius Consultants, more than 60 percent of surveyed employers agree that the 4-day work week model can help boost a company’s overall morale and balance job satisfaction and professional-personal life. does.

However, 27 per cent of the companies believe that they cannot say anything definitively about the company’s productivity from this model. The remaining 11 percent believe it will not lead to any significant improvement.

Report across the country between February 1 and March 7. Based on an online survey of 1,113 companies and employees. The survey was conducted across companies in Banking & Finance, Manufacturing & Engineering, Education, FMCG, Hospitality, HR Solutions, IT, ITeS & BPO, Logistics, Manufacturing, Media, Oil & Gas sectors. are in favor

When the survey asked companies if they were willing to work more than 12 hours a day if given an extra day off, 56 percent of them immediately agreed. However, 44 per cent of the employees were not in favor of increasing the working hours. At the same time, 60 percent of the employees declared themselves ready to work more than 12 hours if given one more day off.