Air Conditioner: Everyone knows that Air Conditioning (AC) is mounted on the wall in the house! There are units for AC, indoor and outdoor everywhere. While indoor has slipper.. outside house has air discharge vent. But do you know what is the reason for installing AC indoor unit on the wall of the house? Read this story to know it.

Reasons to put AC on the wall!

Air conditioners (ACs) are used in homes to get relief from the sun in summer. The indoor unit in an AC user’s home means there is a lot of story behind why the cold air dividing device is mounted on top of the wall. There is a scientific reason for this as well.


Warm air has more moisture. Therefore, warm air has a temporary nature. This means that the warm air in the house moves closer to the ceiling. it air conditioner Allows cool air to flow from top to bottom when turned on. The high density of cold air immediately reached the bottom. The hot air above this.. is discharged through the outdoor unit. This cools the room down instantly.

Similarly, heaters are placed at a lower height during winter. This is because the cooler air with higher density rises slightly above the ground. This allows heaters to be placed at a lower altitude to keep the air warmer from below.