Brightness has returned in the stock market. In the midst of this boom, investors have invested through mutual funds. Share Market record in Investment has done. According to the data of mutual fund association AMFI, equity in March Fund Record investment in In March, Rs 28,463 crore was invested in equity mutual funds. It has increased by 44% on a monthly basis. This is the 13th consecutive month that the investment has been made in equity funds. Foreign investors are withdrawing investment from the market amid volatility in the market. However, investment through mutual funds continues.
The stock market rose 5.2 per cent in March. The market had fallen 4.4 per cent in February. According to Amfi data, equity mutual funds invested Rs 28,463 crore in March, Rs 1,905 crore in February, Rs 14,888 crore in January and Rs 2,5077 crore in December.
Talking about different categories of equity funds, the investment in Multicap Fund is Rs 9694 crore. The multicap fund had invested only Rs 585 crore in February. Large cap funds invested Rs 3,052 crore in March, while midcap funds invested Rs 2,193 crore.

Withdrawal from debt fund continues