New Delhi: When a mobile application is abandoned or becomes out of date, it becomes a threat to safety and security. To ensure users have the most up-to-date privacy and security features, Google and Apple are taking additional steps to remove apps that threaten users’ credentials. According to the latest research, over 1.5 million mobile apps on Google and Apple appear to be abandoned by the end of the first quarter of 2022. These apps are likely to be removed from your Play Store or iOS soon.

According to research by Pixalate, about 1.5 million apps in Google Play and the Apple App Store appear to be “abandoned,” meaning they haven’t been updated in two years.


Notably, 1.5 million apps make up 30% of the total 5 million apps accessible for download that appear to be abandoned.

According to Pixalate, there are 314,000 “super-abandoned” apps on Google Play and the Apple App Store. This means the apps haven’t been updated in 5 years. The Apple Store accounts for 58 percent of all super abandoned apps (184,000), while the Google Play Store has 42 percent (130,000).


Education, context and sports, often used by youth, are the application categories most likely to be dropped.

By the end of Q1 2022, 1.3 million mobile apps were upgraded in the past six months, accounting for 28 percent of all apps.


According to research by Pixalate, “more updates equals more downloads.” It claims that 88 percent of apps with over 1 million downloads have been updated in the last six months.

Finance, health and shopping, on the other hand, rank first in terms of being constantly updated and most likely to be creative.

“Abandoned” apps, according to Pixalate, can pose major security and security risks. This issue is becoming increasingly important as consumer privacy concerns become more widely known.

It is said that the most inventive apps regularly update to new advanced versions with bug fixes and security patches. In addition, Pixalate advised that before investing, advertising should consider how often apps are updated.

Apple and Google have both revealed plans to remove old apps.

“To make it easier for users to find great apps that match their needs, we want to make sure the apps offered on the App Store are functional and up to date,” Apple said of its App Store.

Apple has said that the App Store will analyze apps across categories to ensure they work as expected, comply with current review rules, and are current.

In addition, Apple says that developers of apps that haven’t been updated in three years and don’t meet the minimum download threshold — meaning apps may be downloaded at all or only a few times over a rolling 12-month period. Not done – They will receive an email notifying them that their app has been flagged for removal from the App Store.

“The App Store team will contact you and request that you make any adjustments necessary to place your App on the App Store. On the other hand, apps that crash from the App Store will be immediately withdrawn from the App Store,” according to Apple’s developer website.

Google announced last month, “As part of the latest policy adjustments for Google Play, we are increasing our target level API requirements to protect consumers from installing apps that may not have the latest privacy and security features.” Huh.”

Existing apps that do not target API levels within two years of the most recent major Android release version will no longer be available for discovery or installation for new users who have an Android OS version running higher than the app’s target API level. have devices. Google. The required time frame will be adjusted when new Android OS versions are released in the future.