Home Loan: Everyone wants to have their own home. Everyone is working for it and striving to get their dream home. Buying a house should be one of the important events in your life. It is best to buy a house in the current situation Investment is believed . Home prices are rising rapidly. These prices are out of reach of the average person. Therefore, the general working class has access to home loans. Without no option to buy a house Is , Home loan means that you can pay the monthly installments for the house. After a few years when the loan amount is repaid with interest, the house becomes yours. But getting a home loan is not easy. Some rules for home loan ( Home Loan Eligibility)) Is. According to this rule the documents have to be completed. Then you get the loan. Let us know what is the eligibility for the loan.

Eligibility Criteria for Home Loan

Home loan is a great way to get a home. Different banks have different rules for home loans. But there are some general terms and conditions that need to be considered.
The age of the person in whose name the home loan is to be taken should be between 18 to 70 years.
Income should be Rs 25,000 or more.
Credit score should be above 750. Work experience should be more than 2 years.
Applicant must be a permanent resident or non-resident Indian in your country.
Loans can be obtained for many types of property. Including completed or under construction housing projects, land etc.

The above information is essential for availing a home loan. Also, every bank has different rules regarding home loans. Their interest rates are also different. Banks usually lend up to Rs 10 crore based on home loan eligibility, and set interest rates based on the individual’s credit score.