content_image_0e60a48e-e793-4a00-b1b5-dc3f6cd64f3cNew Delhi : The common man is not daring to squeeze lemon in his glass, however, along with lemon in the market, green vegetables are also loosening the pockets of the consumers. Onion is also not behind in the pocket of electricity. Even though Navratri is going on, onion prices have shot up. Consumers are turning a blind eye to lemon in Noida-Greater Noida. The price of lemon has gone up to Rs 350-400 per kg due to rising fuel prices, Navratri-Roja and low production. In the last two-three days, the prices of green vegetables are touching the sky. Among green vegetables, the prices of some vegetables including bhinda, parwar, cucumber, doodhi, turiya are touching the sky.

In Phulpur Mandi of Noida and Tughlakpur Mandi of Greater Noida, oil is being sold from Rs 100 to Rs 125 per kg, while bitter gourd has increased from Rs 80 to Rs 100 per kg in just three days. Onion prices fall due to less consumption in Navratri, but onion is being sold for Rs 40-50 a kg in the market.

Whereas Rs 40 per kg onion is very small. Ginger has reached from Rs.90 to Rs.100 a kg. Capsicum has reached Rs 120 a kg by selling Rs 100 a kg. Milk has reached Rs 60 and custard apple has reached Rs 50 to 60 per kg. The price of tomato has reached Rs 70-90 per kg.

The prices of petrol, diesel, LPG, CNG and PNG continue to rise. The demand for lemon and certain vegetables has increased during Navratri and fasting. Experts say that this time there has been a decrease in the production of some special green vegetables from lemon. Not all farmers are daring to bring their vegetables to the city due to high fuel prices. This has led to a rise in the prices of lemons and vegetables. However, hoarding is a big factor. Lemons and vegetables are expected to become cheaper only after Navratri and Roza are over.

Inflation has affected vegetables as well as fruits. Due to Navratri and fasting, the demand for apples, oranges, melons, grapes and bananas has suddenly increased. The grapes which were sold for Rs 40-50 a kg before Navratri and Roza have now become Rs 100 a kg. Bananas have gone from Rs 60 to Rs 70 a dozen. Watermelon is being sold for 30 to 40 rupees per kg. Salt and red apples are available in the market up to Rs 200 a kg.