new Delhi: New features have been added to the app to enhance the WhatsApp user experience. WhatsApp has been working for some time now to stop misinformation and rumors on the app. A new feature is being tested on the app to curb the spread of fake news on the platform. The limit for forwarding messages in WhatsApp groups on the messaging platform may soon be reached. The app is working on it. This feature has been available in Brazil since last year.

Spot in beta version feature:
According to reports, this feature of the app can be released in other markets soon. This feature has been spotted in beta. The new feature is available in beta version of iOS. And soon it may come to Android too. However, the company has not officially commented on the matter.

can’t in group
After the new update of WhatsApp, users will not be able to forward the forwarded message in more than one group. So after this new update you will not be able to forward any forwarded message to more than one group. However, this feature does not affect individual chats. This means that you cannot forward messages to more than one group. But you can forward messages to more than one individual chat.

WhatsApp iOS beta version has limits:
WhatsApp has not officially given any information about this feature. If you are an iPhone user and part of WhatsApp’s beta program. So you will get this update attached with Message Forward. If not then here’s a new product just for you! You will not be able to forward a message that has already been forwarded to more than one group at a time after you have enabled this feature.

something similar has happened before
: Something similar was added to the app during the Corona epidemic. To prevent the spread of false information. During Corona, many types of wrong information were shared on the messaging platform. The platform has added forward label feature to prevent such things. Which is received on the forwarded message. It helps to isolate such messages.