People have got some relief from the rising prices of petrol and diesel. Government oil companies have not made any change in the prices of petrol and diesel for the second consecutive day today. Public sector oil companies on Friday operated for the second consecutive day in all the four metros and major cities of the country including the capital Delhi. petrol and diesel No change in prices. Petrol still costs Rs 105.41 in Delhi while it is selling at Rs 120.51 in Mumbai.

Petrol diesel price relief
Petrol diesel price relief

It is worth noting that today, if we look together today, the prices of petrol and diesel have increased 14 times in the last 17 days. There has been no change in the prices of petrol and diesel on 24 March, 1 April, 7 April and today i.e. 8 April. Petrol and diesel prices have increased by Rs 10 per liter in the current 18 days. At the same time, the price of CNG has increased more than eight times in the last one month.

Due to the high crude oil prices in the international market, the prices of petrol and diesel are increasing continuously at the domestic level. This increase is likely to continue in May as well. This is because the country’s two largest oil marketing companies will buy less crude from Saudi Aramco. According to a Reuters report, Saudi Aramco has raised crude oil prices for Asia. As a result, crude oil in Asia has reached record highs. Indian refiners have decided to buy less oil.