Bureau : There is no longer any need in the inflation list. The prices of everything from vegetables to milk are increasing. Since then almost all dairies have increased the prices of their products. After milk and buttermilk, now the price of butter has also increased. Amul Dairy has increased the price of butter. The prices of 100 grams, 500 grams and 1 kg packets of Amul Butt have been increased.

old and new price of amul butter

  • Amul Butter 100 grams – Rs 50 to Rs 52
  • Amul Butter 500 grams – Rs 245 to Rs 255
  • Amul Butter 1 kg – Rs 530 to Rs 550

Prices will continue to rise, but will not fall
Amul announced a hike in milk prices on March 1. After that almost all the big dairies of Gujarat increased the price of milk. Amul’s exports have increased due to the war and pandemic in Ukraine. Due to which the prices are also increasing continuously. Regarding rising prices, Amul MD R Sodhi clarified that milk prices will continue to rise in the near future, but will not decrease. Hence, there is no possibility of reduction in the price of milk. Milk prices have increased by 8 per cent in the last two years.

Sumul Dairy increased
Prices of Buttermilk The prices of fodder, mining, packaging and transportation have also risen sharply. So Sumul has increased the price of buttermilk to cover the cost. A 500 ml bag of Sumul buttermilk has now increased from Rs 13 to Rs 15. That is, the price of 1 liter of buttermilk has been increased by Rs. On an average, more than 3 lakh liters of buttermilk is being sold daily by Sumul Dairy in Surat city. The prices of many commodities, including petrol and diesel, are increasing continuously, indicating that the prices of milk will rise again in the coming days.