Mumbai: Sunrisers Hyderabad did not have a good start in this year’s IPL. At the same time, the captain of Hyderabad seems to be a victim of wrong decisions continuously. Kane Williamson will once again hit the wrong shot of the umpire in the match to be held on April 4. The incident happened during the match between Lucknow Super Giants and Sunrisers Hyderabad.

In the match against Lucknow, Kane was dismissed for just 16 runs. But now it has come to the fore that he was dismissed on no ball. In such a situation, once again the big blow of the umpire’s mistake has come on Kane Williamson.

What exactly is the matter?

Batting for Hyderabad, Avesh Khan took the wicket of Kane Williamson in the fourth over. Meanwhile, after Kane’s dismissal, a photo went viral on social media. It is clear from this photo that when Kane was out, only three fielders were present outside 30 yards i.e. 6 fielders were present in the entire circle.


On coming to know about this, the management of Sunrisers Hyderabad has taken action. The management has also complained to the BCCI in this regard.

In the first match too, Kane Williamson was in the grip of a wrong decision. Batting for Hyderabad, Rajasthan’s famous Krishna was doing the second over. The fourth ball of the over hit Williamson’s bat and went to wicketkeeper Sanju Samson. Although the ball went to Sanju, but he could not take the catch. This time the ball flew into the air and went to Devdutt Padikal standing on the slip. Devdutt caught Sanju’s missed ball.

But this time the umpires on the field were caught and they did not understand that the ball was on the ground. The umpire gave a soft signal that Williamson was out. And requested the third umpire to investigate it. This time the third umpire looked at the replays from every angle and gave Williamson out. This is where the controversy arose.