Mumbai: The BCCI has invited bids from reputed entities for organizing the closing ceremony of IPL 2022 through a tender process. “The detailed terms and conditions governing the tender process, including eligibility requirements, procedure for submission of bids, rights and obligations, etc., are contained in the ‘Request for Proposal’ (RFP), which is a non-refundable request for payment. Will be made available upon receipt. A fee of INR 1,00,000 (Indian Rupees One Lakh only) and any applicable Goods and Services Tax.

BCCI Secretary Jay Shah said in a statement on Saturday, “The procedure for procurement of RFP documents is listed in Annex A to this document. The RFP will be available for purchase by April 25, 2022.” Interested parties are requested to email the details of payment made for purchase of RFP to rfp@bcci.tv as per the procedure laid down in Annexure A. It is clarified that the RFP documents will be shared only after the payment is confirmed. of non-refundable RFP fee, he said.

“Any interested party who wishes to submit a bid is required to purchase the RFP. However, only those who fulfill the eligibility criteria laid down in the RFP and subject to other terms and conditions laid down therein will be eligible to bid. It has been clarified. that mere purchase of RFP does not entitle any person to bid.” BCCI reserves the right to cancel or modify the bidding process at any stage without assigning any reason thereof.