The ratings have declined since the initial matches of IPL 2022. Very few people are watching IPL matches on TV as compared to previous years. Two new teams have been added to the tournament this year. After this, it was believed that the number of viewers would increase and people would watch more and more matches.

However, this did not happen. After the first week’s ratings came out, it was found that it has dropped by 33% and the spectators are no longer liking the tournament. Along with this, the viewership of IPL has also come down by 14%. After this questions are being raised that why the spectators are not liking the matches of IPL. So today we will know why people are not liking IPL 2022.

IPL for the third time in 18 months

IPL is played every year in April and May. But due to the Corona epidemic, IPL started on time in 2021, but it took several months to complete. The final of IPL 2021 was played in October and IPL 2022 resumed in five months. The 2021 IPL was conducted in two parts. Due to which the IPL has been organized for the third time in the last 18 months and the interest of the audience towards this tournament has decreased.

Players like Raina, Gayle, de Villiers are not part of IPL

Players like Suresh Raina, AB de Villiers and Chris Gayle are not playing in IPL this time. Legend is one of the most successful players of IPL. With his departure, the interest of the fans in the IPL has ended. Fans liked the pairing of Raina-Dhoni and Kohli-de Villiers. But this time there is no such pair and the fans are not enjoying watching the match.

South Indian movies become a better source of entertainment

Generally, big Bollywood movies were not released during IPL. It was believed that due to IPL, the film’s earnings would be less. But South Indian films broke this belief. First big budget films like RRR and then KGF 2 were released and the audience liked these films very much. Leaving the IPL, a large number of spectators gathered to watch the film. Due to which the rating of IPL has also declined.

board exam

Generally, most of the IPL matches were played after the completion of board examinations. In such a situation, school going children can comfortably watch IPL matches. But the exam got delayed due to Corona. Some state board exams are nearing completion. CBSE and other board exams are about to start at the same time. Due to which the students of the school are busy preparing for the exam and are not watching IPL matches. The rest of the family also do not watch the match to give them a study environment.

Lack of home ground reduced the thrill

Till IPL 2019, all the teams were playing half their matches at home ground. The pitch of each team’s home ground was different and the team was formed on the basis of that pitch. But this time all the matches are being played on 4 grounds only. The pitches of the four grounds are almost identical and the excitement of the game is diminishing due to similar matches.