Mumbai: The sports world has been stirred by the statement that the wives of Pakistani cricketers were sent with them for espionage during the tour of India. Former Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Zaka Ashraf has made a shocking claim. So there was only one sensation.

According to Zaka Ashraf, the Pakistan team toured India in 2012. At that time his wife was also sent for espionage along with the cricketers. He also said that its purpose was to keep an eye on the cricketers.

According to Zaka Ashraf, there were doubts about the actions of Pakistani players during the 2012 India-Pakistan series. So women cricketers of Pakistan were sent to take care of them.


For this reason, he arranged for his wife to live with Pakistani cricketers. The last series was played between India and Pakistan in 2012. According to the information received, earlier Pakistani cricketers were seen partying in the party.

Zaka feared that any information leaked to the media would tarnish the image of the Pakistan Cricket Board. So the decision to send their wives to keep an eye on the players was also kept secret.

This decision was taken very well by all the players. Zaka claimed that the decision was taken so that Pakistan’s image is not tarnished during his visit to India.