Mumbai: The most successful teams in IPL were Mumbai and Chennai. However, in the fifteenth season both the teams suffered defeat. The matches are getting tighter this year with 10 teams. It’s been 3 weeks and almost 26 matches.

The winning hat-trick of the Hyderabad team has brought a big change in the points table. These 3 weeks saw a struggle for the first place between Rajasthan and Kolkata. At present, the team of Gujarat is on the first position in the points table.

What are the points table figures called?
Gujarat has won 4 out of 5 matches and has topped the points table. Rajasthan is second and Punjab Kings third. Hyderabad beat Kolkata by 7 wickets. This is Kolkata’s second and third consecutive defeat.


The big blow of defeat fell on the team of Kolkata. The Kolkata team moved straight from the first place to the fourth position. Lucknow is in fifth place and Bangalore team in sixth place. Hyderabad team is in seventh place.

Mumbai Chennai and Hyderabad had a different contest as to who finished first. However, Hyderabad broke the deadlock and won three matches in a row and finished seventh. Delhi is ranked 8th, followed by Chennai and Mumbai at 10th.