A video of Delhi Capitals (DC) star batsman Prithvi Shaw stealing a carry has gone viral on social media. DC has released two videos of Prithvi Show, in which he is seen stealing mangoes from a bowl at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium during practice for an IPL match. During this, he also had a fun conversation with fellow players, who are making headlines. The special thing is that fellow players are also teaching the earth to eat mangoes.

Carrie steals Earth show

Delhi Capitals star batsman Prithvi Shaw is stealing and learning to eat Kerry. In the first video, Carrie is shown stealing money and stuffing it in her pocket. In the new video, Prithvi innocently says that he does not know how to cut and eat mangoes. Fellow players on Earth ask in wonder, “Have you never eaten mangoes?” He is unable to answer this question and is laughing.

video went viral

In the first video, Prithvi is shown picking mangoes from Shaw Stadium and stuffing them in his pocket. In this 11-second video, when someone stops him, the earth ignores him and picks up all the mangoes. In another video, Prithvi says that he does not know how to cut and eat mangoes. On this fellow players ask whether they have never eaten mangoes? Prithvi can’t say anything in response to this question and looks shy on seeing Carrie and asks what to do about it. In reply, all-rounder Lalit Yadav showed him sucking a carry. After this the earth starts sucking the mango.

Others were seen giving eighty goats

Once you start eating mangoes, the earth seems to be sucking the knots. Seeing him learn so fast, other Delhi players ask if it is easy. Seeing the pitcher in the hand of the earth, it is said that mangoes should not be eaten by dirtying hands and mouth. So far, Prithvi, immersed in mango juice, holds a stick in the hand of a fellow player and says, “Now you also eat.” Everyone laughs seeing this.

Earth’s strike rate in IPL is 170

Prithvi, who batted vigorously in two consecutive innings against Gujarat and Lucknow, has scored 160 runs this season at an average of 40 and a strike rate of 170. Prithvi’s role will be crucial if DC is to make it to the playoffs. A funny video of this explosive batsman from Carey is currently making a splash on social media.