On one hand, while the thrill of IPL continues, on the other hand the gang of bookies has also become active. Police have busted a similar racket in Hyderabad and recovered lakhs of rupees in cash.

Hyderabad Police Action

The thrill of Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022 continues, meanwhile bookies have also become active. Police in Hyderabad has acted on one such group. The police have arrested seven people, from whom around Rs 12 lakh in cash has been recovered. According to the information received, the Special Operations team had received secret information, after which the raid was conducted. Police have also recovered Rs 11.80 lakh in cash and over Rs 31 lakh from a bank account here. The seven arrested were betting on the match between Rajasthan Royals and Royal Challengers Bangalore on Tuesday night.

Cash worth lakhs seized, 7 arrested

During this, the police have also arrested T. Nagaraju, who is a bookie and does match-related betting. The bookie gets active in the IPL season with his teammates. The mastermind of this entire racket was Sairam Verma, under whom many bookies worked. Information about how this entire racket worked has also come to the fore. Tea. Nagaraju was getting the full benefit of betting from Sairam Verma. After the match money was distributed to the winners. The money was collected separately and then distributed. Nagaraju was arrested in 2016 in a similar case.

Gang of bookies is active in IPL

The arrested bookies told the police that the betting started as soon as the first ball of the match was bowled and continued till the last ball. The bookies were continuously calling the bookies to increase the price, after which the recovery was made. Let us tell you that during the IPL season, such news often comes from different parts of the country, where the gangs of bookies work like this.