IPL 2022: Mumbai, which has won the IPL five times, is seen playing in the group this season. In this year’s IPL (Mumbai Indians in IPL 2022), the team is on the verge of being out of the competition after seeing the game of Mumbai team so far. The team seems to be flopping continuously under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma. (IPL 2022)

As a result, the team’s position in the table has moved down to Chennai. The team once again suffered a loss to Bangalore while the crisis was expected to avert. Seeing the collapse of the team, it was Nita Ambani, the high command, who directly contacted the players of the team over the phone.

The players came under tremendous pressure after seeing Nita Ambani’s phone call and her team’s defeat in it. There was an atmosphere of tremendous tension in the dressing room. No one expected what happened next.


A video in this regard was shared on the social media account of Mumbai Indians. In this video, we see what actually happened when Ambani’s team got a call.

The phone rang and…
If you think that Nita Ambani is angry with the team, then nothing like this has happened. On the contrary, he tried to boost the morale of the team.


‘I have full faith in you all. I believe we can all move on. From now on we will move forward. We are going to go further. We have to believe in one thing that we are going to win. We have gone through this before.

By overcoming such difficulties, we have also won the title. We will win when you support each other…trust me…Mumbai Indians will support you”, he said.

There is no doubt that Nita Ambani’s phone call must have boosted the morale of the players when they were under a lot of pressure and a mountain of defeat was falling on them.