Mumbai : IPL is the biggest league in the world. This league brings both money and fame. IPL opens doors for Team India for many young players. Many had careers but one player is ready to retire. The player who left Team India did not even get a chance in the IPL. So he is preparing to retire.

Kedar Jadhav was a part of IPL in 2010. His performance in IPL was not very good. Kedar Jadhav was playing for Chennai in 2018 and 2020. In 2021, Hyderabad gave him a chance to play.

Kedar Jadhav has scored 55 runs in 6 matches. He has scored 1196 runs in 93 matches in IPL. His performance was nothing special and he could not stay anywhere for long. He was also shown the way out of Team India.


It was a big challenge for Team India. He was thrown out of the team like a fly out of milk. Kedar Jadhav is 37 years old. With his aging and his overall performance, his hopes of getting a chance to play again seem to be bleak.

Kedar Jadhav played in the World Cup in 2019. But even there his performance was not good. Kedar Jadhav played 73 ODIs and scored 1389 runs. He has scored 122 runs in 9 T20 matches. Kedar Jadhav may retire from IPL soon.