Mumbai: The biggest setback for Lucknow’s team was to lose the winning match in the last over. This match was a perfect example of how no one can tell the math of when times have changed. The whole game revolved around the last 3 balls. However, the star player known as the ruler of Lucknow was left behind. Many fans were angry with KL Rahul about this matter.

KL Rahul finally reveals the reason behind sending the Lucknow star player to the 8th spot. “We have got some great batsmen. But the player who saved the team in difficult times is Stoinis. I have full faith in him. He even tried to save the team.

“Had Stoinis not lost 3 runs, we would have won the match. Stoinis scored 38 runs in 18 balls. He missed his fifty. We were chasing the target. But last time something went wrong. Stoinis tried.


Rajasthan won by 3 runs. They have players who can turn the match at any time. He has this skill.

In this IPL match, Rajasthan scored 165 runs for the loss of 6 wickets. KL Rahul finally broke the silence and answered this question. In the match against Rajasthan, Lucknow had to face defeat by just 3 runs. KL Rahul also praised the players of Rajasthan team.