There is bad news for Royal Challengers Bangalore and one of its players in the IPL 2022 season. The news of the death of RCB’s star fast bowler Harshal Patel’s sister has come to the fore from BioBubble.

According to the information received, Harshal Patel has left the team in the meantime.
And they have returned home. Along with this, they will be away for a few days. They will join the team. Herschel’s sister passed away on Saturday. His health was not well for a few days.

Harshal Patel returns home after Mumbai match
RCB team played its last match against Mumbai Indians on Saturday. In which Virat Kohli’s RCB team won by 7 wickets. After the match, Harshal Patel also got the news that a member of the family had died and he returned straight home. In Mumbai, Patel has taken 2 wickets for 23 runs in 4 overs.

Patel playing against Chennai
It is being told that when Harshal Patel returns, he will have to remain quarantined. At this time he will also have a corona test. They will re-enter the Bio-Bubble after the test comes negative.

Herschel won last season’s Purple Cape
Herschel has always been the star bowler of RCB. He has played 4 matches in the season and has taken 6 wickets. Harshal Patel took 32 wickets in 15 matches of the season and captured the Purple Cap. The team has won 3 out of 4 matches so far this season.