Leg spinner Yuzvendra Chahal, playing for Rajasthan Royals in the 15th season of IPL, has revealed an incident that happened to him. He was hanged from the balcony by a player in an intoxicated state. During a conversation with teammates R Ashwin and Karun Nayak on Rajasthan Royals’ YouTube channel, Chahal said that the incident happened to him during the 2013 IPL.

Shocking disclosure of Chahalo

Chahal said, “I have not told this story to anyone, very few people know about it.” Now people will know this. In 2013, when I was playing for Mumbai Indians, there was a match in Bangalore. The get-together happened after the match. One player had drunk too much alcohol. I won’t tell his name. He was staring at me for a long time. After which he took me to the balcony after drinking alcohol. He hung me down from the balcony of a 15-storey building.

I was very scared: Chahali

I stood holding his neck. I was so scared. Had I lost my hand, I would hardly have survived. There were many people there. He listened to me immediately. I fainted. People made me drink water. That day I realized how responsible we should be when we go out. I survived. For the slightest mistake, I would fall down.

sad hero fell in the river

Karun Naik also told a case that in 2016 he made his ODI debut for Team India in a match against Zimbabwe. Mother wanted to play for Team India. When he returned after playing ODIs, he went to a temple in Kerala with his family. Had to cross the river to reach the temple. There were 15-16 people in the boat. When I reached the temple and the boatman turned the boat, I fell down. I was under water until I realized something. I didn’t know what to do. I tried and somehow grabbed the side of the boat. My whole body was under water. It was right above my neck. Then somehow my life was saved.