Mumbai: So far in the 15th season of IPL (IPL 2022), many batsmen have performed well. But Ayush Badoni of Lucknow Super Giants shone in this. Young Badoni has made his mark in the matches played in the IPL so far.

This match was played between Lucknow and Delhi on Thursday, 7 April. In this match, Badoni had won his team by scoring 10 runs in 3 balls against Delhi.

This is Lucknow’s third win in four matches this season. Played a decisive role in the victory of Lucknow. Badoni is playing the role of a finisher for the team. Badoni is leading the team to victory like Mahendra Singh Dhoni.


Badoni has scored 102 runs in 4 innings for Lucknow. Badoni scored 19 runs in 9 balls against Chennai, which included 2 sixes. Badoni, in particular, scored a half-century in his IPL debut. Badoni scored 54 runs in 41 balls in the match. Due to Badoni’s performance, he is being seen as the future of Team India.

Will you get entry in Team India?

The upcoming T20 World Cup 2022 is being held in Australia. Considering Badoni’s performance in IPL, the selection committee may give him a chance in Team India.


After Dhoni’s retirement, Team India is still looking for the best finisher. Badoni can put an end to the search for the best finisher of Team India.

Badoni is 22 years old now. If Badoni gets a chance in Team India, then his career can flourish under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma. Lucknow had hired Badoni for Rs 20 lakh.