Mumbai Comedian Bharti Singh is a name that has come into the limelight by creating a distinct identity among comedians. Throughout her pregnancy, Bharti remained faithful to her work till the day of her delivery. Many wishes were given to her after the birth of the child. After which when the boy was 12 days old, Bharti had to take a very tough decision. (Bharti Singh)

His decision was made public after a video went viral on social media. The word for the job forced him to leave his son and come to filming with a stone in his mind.

‘I cried a lot today. Have a 12-day-old baby, but work is yet to be done. I have come to fulfill some of my responsibilities and my promise,’ she said. The photographer lovingly asked for sweets in the joy of having a son and said that next time I will definitely fulfill this demand.


There are many people who take care of the child after giving birth. But at the same time, shouldn’t this mother be applauded, who is patiently leaving the house with her baby on her back?