Mumbai: Many actors of Bollywood and TV industry are facing a dreadful disease like cancer. Some of them bid goodbye, while others have won the battle and are fine now. People start sweating as soon as they hear the name of cancer. In such a situation, bad news is coming for the fans of actress Chhavi Mittal. Recently, Chhavi Mittal revealed in one of her posts that she is battling breast cancer. She is seeking medical advice and treatment to deal with the disease.

Chhavi Mittal wrote in the post that, ‘Dear breast.. this is a commendable post for you. The first time I saw your magic was when you made me so happy. But your importance increased when you fed both my children. Since one of you is battling breast cancer, it’s my turn today to stand behind you. It’s not the best thing to happen, but I don’t want to be disappointed.

And thank you to everyone who already knows, for your support. Every call you make, whatever message you send reaches me.


Following this post, his fans and friends wish him a speedy recovery. Actor Karan Grover wrote with a heart emoji, ‘May God give you and your family the strength they need.

The actress has co-founded Shitty Ideas Trending, a digital production company, along with her husband Mohit Hussain. His fans as well as family and friends are praying for his speedy recovery.