Mumbai: Bollywood actress Mandana Karimi has made a shocking disclosure. Manda Karimi made shocking revelations about her sex life as well as her personal life and sex life. He said that he had sex with several wealthy businessmen. For money, they have painted the nights of such millionaires. Actress and model Manda is seen in a reality show these days. Kangana Ranaut is hosting the show.

33-year-old Iranian Bollywood actress Manda Karimi describes herself as a gold digger. “As far as my dating is concerned, I’ve dated a lot of powerful businessmen,” he said. Although I didn’t do it for the money. I broke my relationship with Aamir because he did not give importance to my relationship. The truth is that a lot happened to me which ruined my name and my life.


Significantly, Karimi, who is currently working in a show, has made some shocking revelations about her life. “I am going through a very difficult time separating from my husband,” she said. I faced financial crisis and many other difficulties. I am currently going through a difficult phase in my life. This is how I am making money.