Bharti Singh gave birth to a baby boy on 3 April. Bharti Singh has returned to work 12 days after the birth of the child. As soon as Bharti Singh returned to work, she posed in front of the paparazzi and said that she cried a lot when she left the child at home.

Bharti Singh returns to work after Bharti’s delivery
A video of it is going viral on social media. In the video, Bharti Singh is seen talking and posing with a paparazzi. Talking to the paparazzi, Bharti Singh said, “I cried a lot this morning. I am leaving a 12 day old baby. Even work is work.

sweets will be served to all

After this Bharti Singh said to the paparazzi, ‘I will now feed sweets to everyone. Saying this, Bharti Singh started walking towards the vanity van.


Alia did not go to Ranbir’s wedding because of the child.
After this, the paparazzi told Bharti Singh, you should say something about Alia-Ranbir’s marriage. In response, Bharti Singh said- ‘Many congratulations. We were called but the kid was small so we couldn’t go, right?

baby homecoming video
Earlier in the discussion, the baby homecoming video of Bharti Singh was in the news a lot. Bharti shot the video while taking the child home after being discharged from the hospital. This video of Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachiyaa was about to take the child home from the hospital. The video shows Bharti sharing the experience of being a mother with her fans. With this, Bharti said that she and Harsh would be watching the child for hours.

In the video, Bharti Singh said, “She has forgotten everything since becoming a mother. , ,
That’s what I remember. When I close my eyes I see Gola’s face. We lovingly named the baby Gola. Harsh and I call him by this name because he is like Golumolu, so we call him Gola.