Ranu Mandal: Many artists are gaining popularity because of social media. So these actors have become celebrities overnight. The number of celebrities on such nights is increasing day by day. Without many years of hard work, these artists have become stars overnight. These include Ranu Mandal.

A few days ago, the song ‘Raw Badam’ sung by Bhuban Badyakar went viral. Now Ranu Mandal has sung this song in a different way. A video of Ranu Mandal’s song ‘Kachha Badam’ is going viral. In this song, Ranu Mandal is seen in the look of a bride. Ranu Mandal is wearing a red sari. Jewelery is also worn.


In 2019, Ranu Mondal featured in Lata Mangeshkar’s song ‘Pyaar Ka Magma’. The video of Ranu Mandal’s song at the railway station went viral. He then recorded three songs directly in Himesh Reshammiya’s studio. Now Ranu Mandal has once again come into the limelight with the song ‘Raw Badam’. Ranu Mandal acted in social media. But he is also trolled on social media.

Luck had changed overnight!

It really doesn’t take much to change the timing. Ranu used to sing songs while sitting at the railway station. Then her video became so viral on social media that she became a star overnight. Later singer Himesh Reshammiya also gave him a chance to sing in his film. Meanwhile, there was a lot of discussion about Ranu. But, times have changed and Ranu’s condition remains the same. Now there is talk of making a biopic on Ranu Mandal. Actress Ishika D Ranu will play the role.