There was a time in the Bollywood film industry when actresses did not talk about their ailments. But now times are changing. Now the actress openly presents her side and tries to wake up the people. From Vidya Balan to Deepika Padukone, there are many A-listed actresses who have spoken openly about major ailments. Flora Saini’s name has now been added to the list. Actress Flora Saini shared a topless photo of her on Instagram and told what disease she is battling.

Actress Flora Saini shared a topless photo on Instagram and said that she is suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome. Due to which he suffers from weight related problems. Due to this disease, they do not lose weight. Whether she is hungry like the rest of the girls or goes to the gym day and night.


Flora Saini wrote in her post that she was very fat during her school days. He lacked confidence because of the weight. She eventually became an actress but faced many difficulties early in her career. When she was starting her career, people were talking to her a lot and advising her to lose weight.

Actress Flora Saini says that despite being very successful in the South industry, she did not get advertisements because people felt that she was not worth promoting for a product. Flora Saini also wrote in her post that girls standing on the threshold of youth have to suffer a lot from this disease. Many girls fail to lose weight no matter how much they go to the gym or are hungry.