Pushpa Movie: Southern actor Allu Arjun’s film ‘Pushpa’ (Pushpa: The Rise) became popular among the people. Reels of film songs and dialogues are being made on social media. Allu Arjun’s hook steps and good-natured enthusiasm erupted on the song. Everyone is making reel on the songs and dialogues of this film. The dialogue ‘Main Jhukega Nahi…’ was seen by many people from Bollywood to cricketers.

But the effect of this film has now reached from reel to reality. A similar shocking pattern has come to the fore in the West Bengal Secondary Examination. A class X student has written on the answer sheet on the lines of ‘I will not bow down…’, ‘Pushpa… Pushparaj will not write apun…’.

This student has written ‘Pushpa…Pushparaj Apun Likhega Nahi…’ on the entire answer sheet. The teachers who are checking the paper are also surprised to see such answer sheet and this answer sheet is going viral on social media.


Matriculation exam is over in West Bengal and paper exam is going on. A teacher had got a paper for the exam. Meanwhile, a student has written ‘Khela Hobe’ on his answer sheet.

While these answers sound funny, teachers have expressed concern about the future of students who write such dialogues because the answers are not forthcoming.

South’s films are no longer limited to South only, but their magic is being felt in people of other languages ​​as well. Allu Arjun’s film ‘Pushpa’ has done well in South as well as in Hindi. The dialogues and songs of the film are dominated on social media. The film has also done well overseas. Many foreigners have made many videos on his dialogues and songs.