Mumbai: For the last three days, there has been a lot of turmoil in the politics of the state. So no one has any idea what will happen next moment. Many celebrities have expressed their displeasure over the current hot atmosphere in politics. On one hand, there is a political turmoil in the state and on the other hand, a scene of actress Tejaswini Pandit’s ‘Ranbazaar’ has created panic everywhere. Tejashwi has posted a video of a scene in the series on social media.

There are speculations that Tejaswini had posted the video in view of the political situation in the state. Tejaswini’s video is completely based on political developments. Many people are commenting on the video shared by Tejaswini.

‘Whatever the color of the flag, the color of power is necessary‚Ķ’ Many people have focused their attention on the dialogue in the video. “Ordinary people no longer trust politicians.” It seems that Tejaswini Pandit has shared this video in view of the current political climate.


A few days ago, the ‘Ranbazar’ series was discussed everywhere. But now the turmoil in the government and the video shared by Tejaswini has fueled the discussions.

Meanwhile, the series initially faced trolling. But now the webseries is getting tremendous response from the audience. The reaction of the audience after watching the series is that it is a great webseries.