Shweta Sharma in golden bikini

Patna: The actors of Bhojpuri cinema are also very active on social media. Actresses of Bhojpuri cinema are no less than any Bollywood actress on social media.

Talking about Monalisa, Amrapali Dubey, Rani Chatterjee, Kajal Raghavani all have a huge fan base on social media. Bhojpuri’s super hot, bold and glamorous actress Shweta Sharma has also made such people crazy on Instagram.

Bhojpuri actress Shweta Sharma keeps making people crazy with her murderous allegations. At present, bikini photos of the actress are going viral.

Ever since Shweta Sharma shared her pictures on social media, there has been a flurry of likes and comments on these pictures. Fans are also sharing these pictures fiercely.

Shweta, who did a great job in ‘Gajab Karaiya’ with Bhojpuri actor Ritesh Pandey, has once again shared some super hot photos in bikini on Instagram. To make her glamorous bikini of golden color look stylish, she has also carried a dupatta.

Actress Ritesh Pandey, wearing a golden shimmery gleaming bikini, is wearing a nose bracelet, earrings and a bracelet bracelet. In a bold look, the actress is seen posing in bold lipstick.

In the bikini photo, Shweta Sharma was seen posing in some dangerous poses. Seeing her, it seems that she is hiding many beautiful dreams in her eyes, which she will soon see coming true. Fans are reacting fiercely to this photo.