Mumbai: The name ‘Chandramukhi’ in Marathi was first read and heard from the writings of famous writer Vishwas Patil. Now you can see the name ‘Chandramukhi’. Soon you will be able to see the moon through the big screen.

Akshay Bardapurkar is producing the film. Written by Vishwas Patil, ‘Chandramukhi’ is a novel that combines politics and the art of spectacle. Amrita Khanvilkar will give fair judgment to the character of ‘Chandramukhi’, who is easily graced by the role of Soundaryavati, the dancer who performs Lavani in Tamasha. Adinath Kothare will be seen in the role of Daulatrao.

The song Chandra of the film captivated the audience. ‘Chandramukhi’ is an important character in Vishwas Patil’s novel. Amrita Khanvilkar recently shared the BTS video of the Marathi film ‘Chandramukhi’ based on her novel on social media. In this video, the actress has also shared the stories on the set with the audience.


Video of Amrita’s ‘She’ post on social media
Sharing this, Amrita said, ‘My director Prasad Okla wanted everything real… then “Amrita wanted to pat her nose”. I won’t let you wear the clip,” he said in the first meeting.

Even after this it was extinguished. In it PN When the Gadgil did not make the original gold, it would become so heavy that after pack-up we would first draw blood on it with lukewarm water and then take out the Nath. So which nose of the moon do you like the most?” Amrita has told in this post. This post of his is currently in discussion. Many artists have commented on his post.