content_image_4f3cd82f-b13d-4a4e-87a9-10fbc8091180Mumbai : Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s wedding preparations are in full swing and the friends and family of both are also revealing the wedding details but as of now no official announcement has been made about the wedding by Ranbir or Alia’s family. However, commenting on a YouTube comic video made by Alia about her and Ranbir’s wedding, speculations are being made that this is the official confirmation of the marriage from Alia’s side.

YouTuber Nikunj Lotia posted a video on his YouTube channel Be U Nick. It shows Nikunj running towards Kabir Singh’s getup behind a car written by Ranbir Wads Alia. Sad song is playing in the background. A picture of Nikunj and Alia comes to the fore but within seconds, arrangements are made for Ranbir to replace Nikunj.

Lots of comments are coming on this video. But, Alia Bhatt’s comment has grabbed everyone’s attention. Alia has commented ‘dead’ and put a laughing emoji.

Alia’s reaction has also gone viral. This is the first time that Alia has commented on a post related to her marriage to Ranbir. It is believed that Alia has finally officially endorsed the marriage.

However, on the other hand, there is a fierce debate between Bollywood and Ranbir and Alia’s fans regarding this marriage. Many details are doing the rounds including the decor of Ranbir’s bungalow, Alia’s choice of lehenga, wedding in the presence of less people, and the list of people invited to the reception.