The friendship of many celebrities is famous in Bollywood. Apart from this, the friendship of famous filmmaker Karan Johar and Farah Khan is not hidden from anyone. Karan and Farah are good friends and are often seen pulling each other’s legs. Recently, Karan shared a video on his Instagram in which Farah Khan is seen asking for a discount on snacks in New York. The shopkeeper was surprised to hear this. After watching this video people are unable to stop their laughter.

Farah asked for exemption

Karan Johar has shared a video from his Instagram handle in which shopkeepers are seen giving Farah Khan something to eat. She asks can you get some snacks at a discount. On this the shopkeeper refused with a blank face.

Karan scolded

Commenting on the video, Farah Khan scolded Karan and asked how he could upload such a video. At the moment this video is going viral and celebs are commenting on it. Actress Huma Qureshi has created a funny emoji in the comments. Then a user wrote, ‘It is in everyone’s mind to ask for a discount, but no one has the courage to speak. They are very real.