Rekha, Vinod Mehra : actress line (line) She is in discussion not only about her acting but also about her personal life. According to reports, Rekha married the famous actor Vinod Mehra. Vinod Mehra had four marriages. His first marriage was to Mina Broca. He married Meena at the behest of his mother. But then Meena and Vinod decided to separate.

Bindiya Goswami entered Vinod Mehra’s life after marrying Meena. According to reports, Vinod’s career was in infancy. This led to a rift between Bindiya and Vinod. Bindiya later divorced Vinod and J.P. Married to Dutta.

Vinod Mehra married actress Rekha for the third time. After marriage, when Rekha went to meet Vinod’s mother for the first time, an anecdote happened. When Rekha took the blessings of Vinod Mehra’s mother, her mother took the slippers in her hand to kill Rekha. Because Vinod’s mother did not like Rekha as a daughter-in-law. This surprised Rekha. So Rekha and Vinod’s relationship did not last long. Vinod Mehra passed away at the age of 45 due to a heart attack.