Salman Khan: Salman Khan is considered to be the superstar actor of Bollywood. His name is a brand in itself. Salman Khan’s films are flop or superhit, there is no dearth of his fan following. Whenever there is any controversy regarding the name of Salman Khan, the fans support the actor a lot.

If we talk about controversies, then the name of Salman Khan will come first in the list of controversies. Sometimes the case of hit and run and sometimes the case of blackbuck, so today we are going to tell you about the controversy related to Salman Khan when a Delhi girl slapped him in public.

The case is of 2009. According to media reports, Salman Khan was partying in Delhi with many celebs including Sushmita Sen, Sohail Khan, Shibani Kashyap, Vijender Singh. The party was organized in a 5-star hotel, where a fashion show was also held. At the same time, Monica, the daughter of a builder from New Delhi, joined his private party.

According to the report, Monica not only slapped Salman but also started cursing everyone including Sohail and Sushmita. According to media reports, the abusive Monica first tried to enter the party venue with her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, the girl had completely spiraled out of control. Sohail Khan tells the security guards not to let Monica inside. Meanwhile, when Salman Khan heard the commotion, he went to the place where Monica had created a ruckus. Suddenly the girl started cursing Sushmita Sen.

When Salman Khan politely asked him to leave, he suddenly slapped the actor. Although the report also said that Salman Khan had lost his cool after all this but instead of provoking himself, the girl was thrown out of the party by the security guards. Salman’s behavior touched the hearts of his fans.