Shomu, director, producer and writer of Hindi cinema Mukherjee Today is the death anniversary. Shomu Mukherjee gave many hit films. These include films like ‘Pathar Ke Insaan’, ‘Sangdil Sanam’ and ‘Ninha Shikari’. Shomu Mukherjee was born on 19 June 1943. Jamshedpur Happened in . He died of an illness on April 10, 2008. Today, on the death anniversary of Shomu Mukherjee, we tell you some stories related to his life.

Somu Mukherjee was popular in the industry for his extraordinary work. He mainly worked in Bengali cinema. He gained a lot of respect in the industry for his direction and writing. Somu Mukherjee’s father Shashadhar Mukherjee was a film producer of Hindi cinema. At that time Mata Sati was the only sister of Rani Devi Anoop Kumar, Ashok Kumar and Kishore Kumar.

living apart from wife

Somu Mukherjee and Tanuja met in 1972 on the sets of Ek Baar Muskaan Do. After a year’s affair, both of them got married. They have two daughters Kajol and Tanisha. Somu and Tanuja separated after a few years of marriage, but the two never divorced.

Was against Kajol’s marriage

Somu Mukherjee was very close to his eldest daughter Kajol and did not want his daughter to get married at the age of 24. He was against Kajol’s marriage to Ajay Devgan. He had no problem in marriage, he believed that Kajol should do more work before marriage. However, Tanuja supported Kajol and in a small ceremony, Ajay and Kajol got married.